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At Site Morph we strive to deliver technology that accelerates the growth of your company.

About Us

SiteMorph was incorporated at the end of 2011 and launched in 2012. The company was created with the goal of offering a self service website tuning service to small businesses not be able to afford a full time consultant. We do this using a mix of static site analysis, Google analytics data and third party data. Our apps turn this data into ideas to help sites increase sales by attracting more relevant traffic and converting more visitors.

Our team has a wealth of experience across a number of industry sectors at some of the best known technology companies on the planet. Our goal is to create amazing technology that helps site owners target development of their site based on their needs.

Conversion Optimisation Consulting

As well as our online automated tools we are also working with a number of websites offering full service consulting. This normally takes the form of reports identifying ideas and opportunities to increase site performance including:

If you would like to know more about our services please contact us to request a website optimisation quote.

Our Story

SiteMorph started with a few ex-Google employees discussing how we could bring novel and powerful analytics insight to a mass market. The core concept was to offer a self service solution that was cheap enough for any company to use it.

Armed with information on how much SEO is usually cross sold to companies creating websites (£50-80 GBP at the time) we started to wonder if we could offer something better for the same or a lower price. We ended up settling on a semi modal interaction that should be as much like a 'choose your own ending' novel as possible. We want to put information on the choices available to site owners at their finger tips. Rather than vanity metrics like number of visitors, focus where ever possible on conversions.

As well as empowering site owners with ideas based on their own data we also wanted to use our experience in A/B testing and experimentation to give site owners the tools they need to make their site a huge success.

As time passed and we spend more time with our first customers it became clear that there was a bigger opportunity than just analytics intelligence. SEO and low cost marketing were also really important to the users we were tyring to engage. From then on we started looking at incorporating and blending analytics data and search engine optimisation apps. There is a wealth of data in analytics that can help to guide search engine optimisation beyond keyword clustering and market sizing data available from keyword research tools.

By the time we had made it this far it was starting to become apparent to me that I wasn't satisfied working evenings and weekends on Site Morph. It was time to take the plunge, quit my day job and bet my house deposit on making a go of it. With the support of the other founding members I believe we are making great progress. We have pivoted a couple of times but are already making money. The next few weeks to months should see huge changes in site as we engage in site wide redesign, SEO and new business initiatives. It's still young but we all believe SiteMorph can be something really great. Look forward to meeting you as we journey onwards.

- Damien

Our Team

Damien Allison

Damien Allison
Damien founded SiteMorph in 2011 and later went on to launch the first version of the site in mid 2012. Damien has worked at a number of super brand companies including Google, HP, eBay, and BT. As well as technical leadership Damien also brings years of experience covering big data, machine learning, technology leadership, online marketing, tech-strategy and research.

Philip Walford

Philip Walford
Philip has been part of the SiteMorph team since soon after it was incorporated, having worked extensively in the Analytics field for the past seven years. Starting out at Google where he was lead GA consultant for the UK, in 2009 he established his own analytics and persuasion consultancy www.conversiongate.com. Philip brings a wealth of experience working with the internet's largest brands, implementing measurement solutions, and utilising a broad range of analytical methodologies to improve engagement and conversion.

Jedd Rashbrooke

Jedd Rashbrooke
Jedd joined the Sitemorph team in late 2012. Jedd brings two decades of experience in both Australia and the UK, in large Telcos through to rapidly growing startups, designing and maintaining highly available networks and systems, and managing large infrastructure projects.

Julian Harty

Julian Harty
In Julian's own words his objective is: to find and apply ways to make technology useful and adapt to the needs of users, rather than expecting people to cope with poorly designed software or technology. Julian's specialities include: Software Testing including testing by humans and "automated tests" Design of Software and User Experience that includes wide ranges of users, including people with disabilities and impairments. Presenting, sharing and mentoring people. Opensource development see http://code.google.com/u/julianharty/ for some examples.

Company Details

Our company address is:
SiteMorph Ltd.
Office 355
372 Old Street

Our UK company number is: 07611923.

Tip of the week: Brainstorm ideas for page content using site search...

Identify ideas for content gaps by looking at site search source page and search terms. A/B test content that plugs the expectation gap.

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