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For quite a while we have been looking into approaches to building mobile first responsive pages. Our current site uses Jquery UI which has been useful for some aspects of the design of the site. We wanted something a bit more prescriptive that provided a framework for us to move to creating awesome page that deliver a mobile app style experience inside a web page.

Enter Foundation from Zurb

On a recent project that I am managing I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Hanno, who use Foundation extensively to allow rapid prototyping. It seemed out search for a framework was over!

The grid approach used in foundation makes layout a synch. The block grid is also get for creating fluid layouts that adapt for different device sizes. The bottom line is that the guys at zurb have simplified the detection of small, medium and large device formats as well as orientation! On top of that there are exclusions and inheritance. The concept is design for small first and override for large formats. Combined with size dependent grids you can achieve what ever you like with minimal markup.

For many website owners the change to secure search (SSL) on organic search has made a huge difference to how you can understand visit intent. Being able to understand visitor engagement segmented by keyword provided insight into visitor needs. Armed with the knowledge of searcher needs a copy writer could change the site to be engage visitors more.

If you are serious about understanding the intent of your visitors. The thing to remember is that there are no short cuts in your journey to understand your visitors. Google webmaster tools can give you a lot of insight into what keywords are working for you. Given an understanding of your visitors intent in general you may have to get serious to understand then...

Armed with a list of keywords generating traffic from webmaster tools you can start planning a AdWords campaign to get your assumptions. Given your site wide conversion rate pick keywords with a good chance of having a positive return. For those keywords run a mini campaign to find of what works. Ideally use your page meta data to create copy as similar as possible to your page's copy. The goal is to buy relevant visits and learn what keyword and copy best attracts relevant visitors for your page.

Happy testing!

For those of you that were looking for results of our accessibility competition for a particular website; we are sorry to say that due to lack of demand we have had to deprecate support for those tools.

If you are interested in the accessibility and usability ideas for your site then why not start a free trial to get access to the tools.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working to upgrade some of the core technology inside SiteMorph to help us improve the way that we help you. There are a few major feature changes that should make using the site easier:

  • We listened to how you were having trouble using PayPal to sign up for SiteMorph so we have switched to Stripe for payment processing. This should make it easier for you to make payments.
  • We have changed the way you sign up. Now new users or, users of multiple accounts can try out our apps for up to a month for free. Of course we did have this before but at the time you had to pre-authorise your account.
  • We have also made it easier than ever to sign up. Now you can use our apps even if you don't have a Google account by just signing up with your email address and a password.
  • We have made a large number of technical changes to the site that should mean that we can increase the rate at which we adapt our apps and create new ones based on your feedback.

For those of you who are already customers - your account will be transferred with any credit you have from your PayPal account transferred of course.

If you have any questions regarding how these changes may effect you then please feel free to get in touch with us.

This month's Wired hottest startup editions inspired more hackathon style development projects. To get into the swing of things we had a two hour hack tonight to build a framework for multi arm bandit optimisation.

As part of this drive getting started with a bandit testing framework that would allow us to develop web services to help you boost sales on your website.

Technicalities aside, what this means is that in the near future we will be able to start offering content optimisation ideas for our clients. Content optimisation was one of the early goals of SiteMorph. Hopefully today is the first step towards us being able to help you boost your site performance and grow sales faster.

By Damien Allison

email logo

If you have read our previous post seven ways to tell if you are a spammer then you may have been wondering how we use email without resorting to email spam.

These seven tips are based on our email marketing so far and have helped us achieve engagement rates far above the industry average. The first thing to know is that we don't employ anonymous spamming techniques using large, low quality email address lists.

Based on our experience these approaches really help you boost performance:

  • Only send emails to the person with purchasing power. Do your home work, research prospective clients and email them individually by name.
  • Send emails from a personal named account. As spam filtering moves towards domain authority rather than IP it is crucial that you don't get marked as spam. The trick is not to send any.
  • Get the point of why you contacted them across quickly. If you are offering something relevant they will keep reading.
  • Introduce your self and why you are the right person to solve the problem you are offering a solution to.
  • Include social proof of real client performance and references.
  • Include a call to action with a time oriented focus explaining why the customer should act now.
  • Offer to follow up on the phone with questions. Include your contact details too. This will help people find it easier to research your company.
  • Use campaign tracking to tag your call to action so that you can monitor click and conversion rate effectively. Combined with multiple copy version you can then A/B test different copy and tune your performance.
  • This kind of approach has worked really well for us. On our most successful campaigns we have seen, for our small volumes of emails, over 30% click rate compared to an industry average of 4%. While this approach doesn't scale, it can be very effective. If you want to win new customers you need a way to get their attention. Remember that your offer is competing against everything else in their inbox so making it relevant will help you stand out.

    If you have any questions or comments please tweet them to us.

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Tip of the week: Don't be tempted to rely on vanity metrics like page views...

Only looking at metrics like page views can hide issues with engagement. Look at funnel conversion rate to ensure that other aspects aren't slipping.

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