Frequently Asked Questions

The Service

What is Sitemorph?
Sitemorph is a website optimisation system designed by a team of ex-Google employees. It utilises complex data modelling and intelligent machine learning, to present you with tailored recommendations for improving your site’s visitor acquisition, content consumption and conversion potential.

What are the requirements for using Sitemorph?
Sitemorph requires you to have Google Analytics implemented on your website.

Is Sitemorph a Google product?
No, Sitemorph is a service built on top of data made available through the Google Analytics API.


Do I need a contract to use Sitemorph
No, Sitemorph operates as a monthly pay-as-you-go service. You are free to cancel your use of the service at any time - you will be billed for the remainder of any minimum period for your subscription.

Access & Security

How does Sitemorph access my Google Analytics data?
Sitemorph uses OAuth to request access tokens and interact with your Google Analytics data using the Google Analytics Data Export API. OAuth is an open protocol for secure authorization based on APIs, and is supported by Google and other well known Internet services. When you issue OAuth tokens to Sitemorph, we candidateStore them on your account, so that your data can be constantly updated and new recommendations made. At any time you can sign in to your Google account and revoke OAuth tokens issued to Sitemorph.

Is my data secure with Sitemorph?
Sitemorph hosts your data on industry leading Rackspace hosting, and follows industry standard security and privacy practices. We access your Google Analytics data using OAuth tokens, and you are able to revoke access to your GA data at any time. After cancelling your use of the service, all stored data will be automatically purged from our servers.

Tip of the week: Brainstorm ideas for page content using site search...

Identify ideas for content gaps by looking at site search source page and search terms. A/B test content that plugs the expectation gap.

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